Apr 17, 2018,  by Faurecia

Amminex, a Faurecia company, and its three partners the Technical University of Graz in Austria, Johnson Matthey, and ICCT have won the European Commission's Horizon Prize in the Engine Retrofit for Clean Air category. 

It recognizes the outstanding emissions reduction potential of the ASDS technology (Ammonia Storage and Delivery System) for retrofitting existing diesel vehicles.

The Engine Retrofit for Clean Air award aims to spur the development of new technologies that can be applied to existing powertrains to reduce pollutant emissions in real driving conditions to the lowest level possible, in order to improve air quality in cities.

Christophe Schmitt, Faurecia Clean Mobility Executive Vice-President said: “We are very proud to have won this award, which further confirms the potential of our ASDStechnology to support clean diesel in real driving conditions.”

A Euro 5 diesel car was retrofitted with the Amminex ASDS™ technology combined with an SCR catalyst from Johnson Matthey reducing NOx emissions to Euro 6 equivalent levels in real driving conditions.

ASDS™ is a breakthrough solution developed by Amminex. It delivers ammonia in a gaseous state which allows for superior NOx reduction for diesel engines even in cold and urban driving conditions. ASDS™ is one of the technologies best placed to ensure compliance with more stringent emissions standards in the future.

Faurecia is actively developing the solution for the commercial vehicle market and has won contracts to retrofit a large number of urban buses in Copenhagen and London as well as fleets in Korea. With a track record of 50 million kilometers driven, it demonstrates that ASDS is a fast and cost-effective way to reduce NOx in cities and improve air quality.

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