Jan 24, 2018,  by Faurecia

CES 2018 - Startup Byton, one of the new Chinese automotive players specialized in electric cars, caused a stir by revealing a first concept vehicle with a full cockpit designed in partnership with Faurecia

The concept is an electric crossover which is expected to debut on the Chinese market in 2019, before going on sale in the U.S.A. The vehicle sports proportions and numerous digital features for smart life on board. Deemed a “high-tech digital space” by its creators, former BMW & Apple employees, Byton’s concept strongly focuses on user experience.

Faurecia supplies complete front and rear seats for this vehicle, from trim covers to foams and even assembly. The seat incorporates the world’s first swivel function, providing new interior configurations to ensure that the occupant is comfortable at all times. Sidepods under the armrest of the front seats provide the perfect storage space for items such as tablets or e-readers.  Additionally, the front seat is decorated with 3D shapes engraved in the back panel, which can be customized along with other features of the interior.

Faurecia also supplies other elements of the cockpit, such as the instrument panel. The skillful combination of inviting colors, luxury materials and traditional craftsmanship create a digital lounge. Large screens and gesture & voice command technologies heighten this lounge experience and give the vehicle extraordinary digital possibilities.  

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