Nanterre, France, Dec 12, 2016,  by Faurecia

Faurecia today announced that it has increased its participation in the Danish company Amminex to 91.5% through a share purchase.

Amminex has developed an Ammonia Storage and Delivery System (ASDS™) which has demonstrated its efficiency to almost completely eliminate nitrogen oxide (NOx) pollutants from diesel engines.

Faurecia has worked closely with the company since mid-2009 and previously owned 42% of Amminex. At the recent Paris Motor Show, Faurecia showed the Amminex solution for commercial vehicles, as well as an ASDS™ system in a new format for passenger cars. In increasing its participation to 91.5%, Faurecia expects to intensify the development of this technology for both commercial vehicles and passenger cars. Faurecia is also investigating closely other applications of ASDS™, such as for off-road vehicles and high horsepower (HHP) engines used on ships and vessels. The remaining shares are held by the Danish Foundation Nordea-fonden.

Christophe Schmitt, EVP Faurecia Emissions Control Technologies said: “I am delighted with this increased participation in Amminex as it will enable us to accelerate the deployment of this clean mobility solution for both commercial vehicles and passenger cars. ASDS™ is a breakthrough technology for improving air quality validated in real-driving conditions over millions of kilometers”.

Amminex employs 50 people at its headquarters in Søborg, near Copenhagen, and its 6,500 m² state-of-the-art volume production facility in Nyborg. Both Annika Isaksson, Amminex CEO and Tue Johannsen, Chief Technology Officer, who invented the technology and founded Amminex, will remain in their positions to accompany the technology in this new stage of its development.

Note to editors:

ASDS™ is a new generation of NOx reduction technology. It is designed ultimately to replace conventional heavy tanks containing a diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) or AdBlue® with lighter, high-efficiency cartridges containing a solid material called AdAmmine™, developed by Amminex. ASDS™ functions at lower exhaust temperatures, even in winter driving conditions. Moreover, for equivalent quantities of ammonia, ASDS™ requires only half the volume than that required for AdBlue®. Most important for the pursuit of clean mobility, ASDS™ has been proven to reduce NOx emissions by as much as 99 percent on over 15 million of kilometers of real-world use on buses, while AdBlue® reduces only an average of 32 percent of the NOx in the same city driving conditions. These findings result from monitoring thousands of ASDS™-equipped buses on the streets of Copenhagen and London and comparing them with buses on the same streets using AdBlue®.

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