Mar 1, 2018,  by Faurecia

Faurecia today announced that it had completed the acquisition of 100% of the Swiss company Hug Engineering, a market leader in complete exhaust gas purification systems for high horsepower engines (above 750hp).  These engines are used in applications including marine propulsion, power generation, rail, agricultural and other industries. 

This acquisition represents a major step forward for Faurecia in its strategy to improve air quality through world class aftertreatment systems for all types of diesel engines.  Hug Engineering is the High Horsepower market leader in Europe and one of the largest players worldwide.   The company is well positioned to maintain its leadership position as the market grows rapidly to reach €2.4 billion in the next 10 years when the majority of high horsepower engines become subject to emissions regulations.

Hug Engineering has a strong reputation, well established partnerships and world class technologies developed and produced internally.   The company offers its customers the design, manufacture, installation and service support of complete aftertreatment systems including dosing systems and controls, diesel particulate filters, selective catalytic reduction of NOx and catalytic oxidation.  Hug Engineering today has around 50 million euros of sales and employs 230 people worldwide in five countries.

The combination of Hug Engineering’s systems expertise, proprietary technologies, market knowledge and reputation with Faurecia’s technical capabilities will enable Faurecia to grow rapidly in the High Horsepower market as regulations come into force.  

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