China, Jul 5, 2017,  by Faurecia

This June, the Group participated in the 2017 Michelin global event on sustainable mobility.

From June 13 to 15, Faurecia joined other speakers, scientists, innovators, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders from over 35 countries to discuss the future of air quality and sustainable mobility at the MOVIN'ON summit. Formerly known as the Michelin Challenge Bibendum, MOVIN'ON is one of the world's largest conferences on mobility.

After the successful 2014 summit held in Chengdu, China, Faurecia was ready to return and continue playing a leading part in the sustainable mobility community.

This year's edition was held in Montreal (Canada) and included labs, workshops, masterclasses, talks and panels. Faurecia's Clean Mobility expert, Nicolas Franc de Ferrière, presented a masterclass on the "Urban Mobility & Air Quality" theme in collaboration with Michelin experts. Also during this occasion, Faurecia participated in a panel of experts discussing air quality challenges and solutions with fleet and city managers.

First created nearly 20 years ago at the initiative of the Michelin group, the goal of the MOVIN'ON conference is to develop and maintain dialogue with industry stakeholders to create a community that reinvents mobility to be as safe, connected, and responsible as possible.

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