Nanterre, France, Sep 13, 2016,  by Faurecia

Faurecia announces the signature of a cooperation agreement with Renault Trucks (Volvo Group) and Exoès to test the performance of its EHPG (Exhaust Heat Power Generation) system.

According to the terms of this agreement, Renault Trucks is providing a Euro VI truck that will be equipped with Faurecia’s EHPG system, including an expander from Exoès. Faurecia is in charge of the overall system definition and integration. On-road tests will begin in 2017.

This system, based on the Rankine cycle, recovers the exhaust heat to transform it into energy, therefore reducing fuel consumption and emissions for cars and trucks. Faurecia will be showing its EHPG system at the upcoming Paris Motor Show (Hall 1, booth B212, September 29 – October 16).

“This agreement, which crowns years of innovation and advanced research, will enable Faurecia to demonstrate the performance of its EHPG system. We anticipate that EHPG will first appear on long-haul trucks post 2020, bringing power gains and emissions improvements to heavy-duty vehicles”, said Christophe Bouly, Chief Technical Officer of Faurecia Emissions Control Technologies.

Pictures available on request.


Note to Editors

The Faurecia EHPG system employs a heat exchanger, or evaporator, in the exhaust flow. The heat in the exhaust pipe is transferred to a “working fluid” in the heat exchanger, producing pressurized steam. That steam powers a turbine or piston known as “expander”, and the expander’s shaft can be attached to the gearbox of the truck to turn the wheels directly. Once the steam passes through the expander, it flows to a condenser and is converted back to a liquid, transferring its residual heat to the cooling system of the truck. A pump then moves the liquid to the evaporator again, continuing a closed-loop system.

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