Apr 19, 2018,  by Faurecia

Faurecia will take part in the Hannover Messe trade show for the first time this year & will demonstrate fuel cell solutions that support the automotive industry’s evolution toward zero-emission mobility.

Christophe Schmitt, Faurecia Clean Mobility Executive Vice-President: “The technologies highlighted at the Hannover Messe are representative of the rapid development of Faurecia’s open innovation ecosystem through partnerships and investment in start-ups. Our ambition is to become a leading player in this alternative powertrain energy by providing an efficient fuel cell system adapted to automotive needs. In this regard, I am proud to report Faurecia’s recent success in signing a key contract with a major international OEM to co-develop a high pressure hydrogen storage system for a large fleet of fuel-cell-powered light commercial vehicles.”

Faurecia aims to improve and industrialize fuel cell technology for the automotive industry by optimizing the high-pressure tank and the stack. Faurecia draws on its extensive experience in systems integration to combine storage, pressure management and fuel cell stack technologies into a comprehensive solution for light and commercial vehicles.

Technologies showcased at Hannover Messe include:

  • The high-pressure hydrogen storage system:

Faurecia is developing lightweight, cost-effective 350 & 700-bar hydrogen tanks in partnership with Stelia Aerospace Composites, which draws on 30 years’ experience in providing high-pressure hydrogen tanks for the aerospace industry. Through its investment in Ad-Venta, a specialist in pressure valves for efficient and safe hydrogen storage, Faurecia offers a combination of cutting-edge expertise in high-pressure gas management and automotive system integration capabilities. The result is an optimized and compact valve that safely reduces 700 bars of pressure to under 10 bars in a single step.

  • The fuel cell stack:

Faurecia is also working with the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA). The partnership benefits from more than two decades of CEA research and expertise in fuel cell stacks and development of key components such as the bipolar plates, which are critical in improving the efficiency of the fuel cell stack. Combined with Faurecia’s expertise in fluid dynamics and catalysis, this puts the Group in a position to develop, mass-produce and market a high-performance fuel cell stack that will meet auto industry expectations.

Faurecia’s booth is located in Hall 27, Stand C76.

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